Operations & Wellsite Geologists
Operations & Wellsite Geologists
Operations Geologists

Efficient geological planning, monitoring and appraisal of Exploration and Development Wells requires quality personnel, capable of understanding the requirements of both the Drilling Team and the Exploration Department. Our experience includes:

Well Planning

  • Offset Data Reviews – Pore Pressure, Bottomhole Temperature, Borehole Instability, Gas Ratio Studies, Rw Review.
  • Geological Hazard Identification.
  • Criteria for Casing Points, Coring Points, Total Depth, Testing Decisions.
  • Wireline Logging Programs, cost analysis.
  • Coring & Sampling Programs.
  • Target selection, optimisation of target tolerance to meet objectives and be cost-effective.
  • Managing uncertainties when planning and drilling horizontal trajectories.
  • Well design optimisation.
  • Geological Programs, Well Montages.
  • Liaison with Regulatory Authorities.

Well Monitoring

  • Liaison with partners, government agencies, data distribution.
  • Interface between Exploration and Drilling Teams.
  • First-pass Petrophysics.
  • Geological Database Administration.
  • Correlation with Offset Wells and Regional Geology.
  • Coordination of contractor equipment and personnel.
  • Justification and costing of variations to Drilling Programme.


  • Contractor audit.
  • Tender preparation (Wireline Logging, Mudlogging, Labwork).
  • Bid Evaluation and Award Recommendation.
  • Budget Control of Formation Evaluation Contracts.
  • Contractor compliance.
  • Invoice tracking and sign-off.

Well Appraisal

  • Production of Final Well Reports and Composite Logs.
  • Contractor performance appraisal.
  • Lessons Learned, peer reviews.
  • Labwork coordination – Core Analysis, Geochemistry, Biostratigraphy
Wellsite Geologists

The result of years of experience; Wellsite Geology consultants who understand difficult well conditions and can coordinate sophisticated formation evaluation services. We provide:

Formation Evaluation

  • Mudlogging supervision and quality control.
  • Evaluation of Drill Cuttings, Sidewall Cores and Conventional Cores.
  • Hydrocarbon Show Evaluation.
  • Selection of Coring and Casing Points.
  • Preparation of Mudlogs, Lithlogs, Pore Pressure Logs, Gas Ratio Logs, Core Logs.
  • Pore Pressure Evaluation using Wireline Logs, Dxc, Hole Behaviour etc.
  • Correlation with Offset Wells and Regional Geology.
  • Expertise in the following environments: Oil-Based Mud, Air-Foam Systems, HTHP, H2S.
  • Recommendations to the Drilling Team, contributing to a safe, cost-effective drilling operation.

Logging While Drilling (MWD/LWD)

  • Supervision and Quality Control of operations.
  • Interpretation of data, including Petrophysics, Pore Pressure.
  • Geosteering in high-angle or horizontal wells.


  • Provision of Daily Geology Reports and Formation Evaluation Logs.
  • Provision of digital Mudlogging and Wireline data.
  • Provision of Wireline Logging Operations Reports and Logging Failure Summaries.
  • Production of Final Well Reports and Composite Logs.

Wireline Logging

  • Supervision and Quality Control of operations, including Drill-Pipe Conveyed systems.
  • Wireline Log Interpretation using GS Petrophysics Software.
  • Selection of Sidewall Core, RFT/MDT pre-test and sample depths.
  • Supervision of Checkshot, VSP and offset-VSP operations.