Engineering and other services
Engineering and other services

Reservoir Engineers

  • Reservoir characterisation
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Reservoir management
  • Integrated field studies
  • Field appraisal
  • Field development planning
  • Prediction of field performance depletion
  • Unconventional surveillance and modelling – Shale, Tight Gas & Oil, CBM and Heavy Oil
  • EOR surveillance and modelling – Gas injection, Thermal injection, Steam flooding, Polymer flooding
Drilling Supervisors
  • All offshore rig types.
  • Environmental, HPHT and extended-reach wells.
  • Directional drilling supervisors.
  • Senior Supervisors and Night Supervisors.
  • Drilling Project Management.
Mud Engineers
  • Office based fluids co-ordinators.
  • Wellsite fluids supervisors.
  • Tender evaluations, mud programmes.
  • Rig audits and material inventory.
  • Environmental analysis
  • Training schools for Mud Engineers
HSE Specialists
  • E and P Safety Operations
  • Training
  • Systems development and implementation
  • Safety Auditing
Field Geologists
  • Prospect and regional scale field mapping.
  • Field laboratory with thin-section slabbing and Foraminiferal analysis capability.
  • Reservoir and source rock studies including field permeability surveys.
  • Project management and planning.
  • Specialists in karst and jungle or other difficult & remote terrain.
  • Age and paleoenvironmental determination while drilling by Foraminiferal analysis.
  • Microscopy and other laboratory equipment suitable for Foraminiferal analysis.
  • Carbonate biostratigraphy and petrology.

Regional biostratigraphic studies and reviews.